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Sommaires des Revues - Medscape

Medscape Headlines

Latest medical news, articles, and features from Medscape

Rescue Combination for MRSA Pneumonia With Pneumothorax  Voir?

The authors describe a combination therapy for the successful treatment of a case of severe community-acquired MRSA pneumonia complicated by pneumothorax.
BMC Pulmonary Medicine
(27/09/2017 : 18:00)

WHO: Not Enough Antibiotics in Pipeline to Curb Superbugs  Voir?

Physicians need more weapons against drug-resistant tuberculosis and carbapenem-resistant bugs such as Enterobacteriaceae, according to the agency.
Medscape Medical News
(20/09/2017 : 01:35)

Epic Launches EHR Feature That Lets Patients Share Records  Voir?

It could grant access to information on portal to other doctors, regardless of which EHR they used or whether they had an EHR.
Medscape Medical News
(19/09/2017 : 23:35)

New Physicians Lowball What They'll Earn, Study Says  Voir?

A lack of business education in medical school and residency training may help account for market naivete, according to recruiting firm Merritt Hawkins.
Medscape Medical News
(19/09/2017 : 22:57)

Standards for Upper GI Endoscopy Released  Voir?

The BSG and AUGIS jointly released recommendations to improve the quality of upper gastrointestinal endoscopy and reduce the risk for missed early cancerous lesions.
Medscape Medical News
(19/09/2017 : 22:49)

Subcutaneous Immunoglobulin Effective for Maintenance in CIDP  Voir?

Subcutaneous immunoglobulin is effective and convenient maintenance therapy for chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, the PATH trial has shown. Local reactions decreased with repeat dosing.
Medscape Medical News
(19/09/2017 : 22:18)

New HRS Guidance on Lead Management, Extraction  Voir?

The latest advice advocates a nuanced, personalized-medicine approach based on the implanted device and leads and patient-specific clinical scenario.
Medscape Medical News
(19/09/2017 : 21:19)

Hypertension Control Varies by Geography, Demographics  Voir?

According to a new study of hypertensive US adults, two thirds of patients have their condition under control, and wide geographic and demographic differences in hypertension control exist.
Medscape Medical News
(19/09/2017 : 20:58)

Trump's Deadline on 'Dreamers' Reverberates Through Health Industries  Voir?

From medical students to home health aides, the loss of DACA could deal a blow to the health care workforce, industry leaders suggest.
Kaiser Health News
(19/09/2017 : 20:19)

Nerf Guns 'Can Cause Serious Eye Injuries'  Voir?

Doctors are warning that a toy gun popular with children can cause serious eye injuries.
WebMD Health News
(19/09/2017 : 20:09)

FDA Approves Trelegy Ellipta for COPD  Voir?

The FDA has approved once-daily, single inhaler triple therapy fluticasone furoate/umeclidinium/vilanterol (Trelegy Ellipta, GlaxoSmithKline) for patients with COPD.
FDA Approvals
(19/09/2017 : 19:57)

AAP Offers First Guidance on Tattoos, Piercings  Voir?

The report from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is designed to facilitate conversations between providers, parents, and patients about the increasingly common desire for body modifications.
Medscape Medical News
(19/09/2017 : 19:55)

FDA Clears Liquid Extended-Release Amphetamine for ADHD  Voir?

Adzenys ER, a liquid extended-release amphetamine product, is another treatment option for patients aged 6 years and older with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
FDA Approvals
(19/09/2017 : 19:34)

Fracture Risk, Bone Loss Increased in HIV-Infected Individuals  Voir?

Studies show an increased risk of vertebral fractures and increased bone loss in individuals with HIV infection, and document effects of vitamin D supplementation among this patient population.
Medscape Medical News
(19/09/2017 : 19:09)

IL-23 Blocker for Psoriasis Successful in Extension Trials  Voir?

For those with chronic plaque psoriasis, responses to tildrakizumab, an experimental interleukin-23 inhibitor, were upheld in two long-term extension studies, and FDA approval could be in the offing.
Medscape Medical News
(19/09/2017 : 18:55)

Going Broke: Financial Concerns of Palliative Care Patients  Voir?

Financial concerns can negatively influence a patient's response to treatment and care.
Medscape Nurses
(19/09/2017 : 18:49)

Flu Vaccine Saves Kids' Lives: What to Tell Reluctant Parents  Voir?

Clinicians can use this information to help parents make the decision to have their children vaccinated against influenza.
CDC Expert Commentary
(19/09/2017 : 18:34)

Evolocumab Doesn't Worsen Glycemia or Up Diabetes Risk: FOURIER  Voir?

In a large trial with more than 27,000 patients with preexisting CVD and uncontrolled LDL cholesterol, there was no signal of worsening or new-onset diabetes with the PCSK9 inhibitor evolocumab.
Medscape Medical News
(19/09/2017 : 18:04)

A Tale of Two Patients: A Prion Disease 30 Years Later  Voir?

Dr Andrew Wilner compares two patients with Creutzfeld-Jakob disease and looks at how knowledge has changed around prion disorders.
Medscape Neurology
(19/09/2017 : 17:36)

CardioMEMS PA-Pressure Sensor: Prowess, Cautions in HF Management  Voir?

The implanted pulmonary-artery-pressure monitor's postmarket registry seem to indicate efficacy at least as good as in the pivotal clinical trial; adverse events reported to MAUDE provide perspective.
Medscape Medical News
(19/09/2017 : 17:01)

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