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Sommaires des Revues - Medscape

Medscape Headlines

Latest medical news, articles, and features from Medscape

Cell Therapy Shows 'Hope' for Duchenne Cardiomyopathy  Voir?

In HOPE-Duchenne, patients with Duchenne cardiomyopathy who received an infusion of cardiosphere-derived cells plus usual care had a 7% reduction in myocardial scars 1 year later.
Medscape Medical News
(22/11/2017 : 20:33)

Dad's Depression Also Boosts Kids' Risk  Voir?

Maternal depression contributes to the risk for depression in children and adolescents, but new research shows paternal depression has an equally deleterious impact on children.
Medscape Medical News
(22/11/2017 : 19:29)

U.S. FDA Approves First Two-drug HIV Regimen in Win for GSK  Voir?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the first two-drug regimen to treat HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, aimed at lessening the side effect burden of current treatments that combine three or four medicines.
FDA Approvals
(22/11/2017 : 15:07)

Second Cancers Common in Survivors, Especially Older Adults  Voir?

Second cancers affect about 25% of survivors 65 years and older, but patients with cancer who have had a prior malignancy are regularly excluded from clinical trials.
Medscape Medical News
(22/11/2017 : 17:00)

Treadmill Training, Not Cell Therapy, Aids Walking in PAD: PROPEL  Voir?

A new trial confirms the benefits of exercise, but not cell therapy, in peripheral arterial disease. Future trials could omit a control group with supervised exercise to speed up enrollment, one expert says.
Medscape Medical News
(22/11/2017 : 16:49)

Predicting Prostate Cancer Outcomes With Genomic Testing  Voir?

Dr Chodak reviews a new study on the 17-gene Genomic Prostate Score used for predicting prostate cancer outcomes.
Medscape Urology
(22/11/2017 : 16:33)

Beyond A1C: Standardizing Diabetes-Related Outcome Definitions  Voir?

Several articles in the December issue of Diabetes Care highlight new avenues in diabetes outcomes research made possible by continuous glucose monitoring.
Medscape Medical News
(22/11/2017 : 16:24)

CBT for Chronic Pain May Help Fight the Opioid Epidemic  Voir?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy appears to be an effective alternative to opioids for chronic nonmalignant pain, either as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with nonopioid medications.
Medscape Medical News
(22/11/2017 : 15:58)

When to Stent in Stable CAD? That Is (Still) the Question  Voir?

Drs Harrington, Maron, and Patel discuss the ORBITA trial, which compared coronary stenting with sham percutaneous coronary intervention for angina relief. Why did ORBITA cause so much buzz?
theheart.org on Medscape
(22/11/2017 : 15:51)

Female MDs Likely to Have Educated Spouses With Careers  Voir?

Among one-physician couples, nonphysician husbands were more likely to have graduate degrees and higher income than nonphysician wives; this may explain why female docs work fewer hours and earn less.
Medscape Medical News
(22/11/2017 : 14:57)

Shoulder Decompression No Better Than Placebo Surgery  Voir?

Arthroscopic subacromial decompression surgery may not relieve shoulder pain any better than arthroscopy alone, a study found.
Medscape Medical News
(22/11/2017 : 14:56)

Brits Up Cancer Screening With Mobile Lung CT Units  Voir?

England is upping cancer screening with mobile lung screening units in parking lots, as well as home-based tests for colorectal cancer and MRI for prostate cancer diagnosis.
Medscape Medical News
(22/11/2017 : 13:32)

Herpes Researcher Experimented on People in US  Voir?

Three years before launching an offshore herpes vaccine trial, an American researcher vaccinated patients in U.S. hotel rooms in brazen violation of U.S. law, a Kaiser Health News investigation has found.
Kaiser Health News
(22/11/2017 : 13:28)

Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Death From Cancer  Voir?

A very long-term follow up of men observes a possible link between poor cardiorespiratory fitness and death from cancer later in life.
British Journal of Sports Medicine
(22/11/2017 : 18:00)

Minimally Invasive Brow Lifting Techniques  Voir?

This article reviews the efficacy of several minimally invasive browpexy techniques to address brow ptosis. How do they measure up?
Current Opinion in Ophthalmology
(22/11/2017 : 18:00)

The Importance of Generalists as Primary Care Physicians  Voir?

In this commentary, the author underscores the clinical and economic value of generalists in the care of older adults with multiple and complex conditions.
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
(22/11/2017 : 18:00)

Traction-Assisted Internal NPWT for Wounds Under Tension  Voir?

Traction-assisted internal NPWT using bridging retention sutures may be a safe and effective option for complex wound closure.
(22/11/2017 : 18:00)

Antiplatelet Agents for Coronary Atherothrombosis  Voir?

This article reviews the evidence for the efficacy and safety of antiplatelet drugs in the primary prevention of atherothrombosis, presenting practical advice for appropriate antiplatelet therapy.
Journal of the American College of Cardiology
(22/11/2017 : 18:00)

Trends and Outcomes of NAFLD-HCC After Liver Resection  Voir?

This review examined temporal trends for prevalence, clinical characteristics and outcomes of NAFLD-related HCC. Do these differ from HCC that developed in patients with other chronic liver diseases?
Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics
(22/11/2017 : 18:00)

Progress in Childhood Vaccination Data  Voir?

Are immunization information systems, which collect and manage immunization data, making progress in generating quality data concerning childhood vaccination coverage?
Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report
(22/11/2017 : 18:00)

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