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Sommaires des Revues - Medscape

Medscape Headlines

Latest medical news, articles, and features from Medscape

More Data on Omega-3s and Cognitive Function  Voir?

Dr Alan Jacobs discusses a recently published report suggesting that dietary inclusion of omega-3 could improve cognitive function.
Medscape Neurology
(27/07/2017 : 16:23)

Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis: Clinical Outcomes  Voir?

Studies focused on pediatric patients and factors predicting posttransplant survival. Dr William Balistreri surveys their results.
Medscape Gastroenterology
(27/07/2017 : 16:09)

What's It Like to Be a Wellness Nurse?  Voir?

This job looks pretty fun! Find out what a worksite wellness nurse/health coach gets to do at 'work.'
Medscape Nurses
(27/07/2017 : 15:57)

The Environment and ASD Risk: Putting It Together  Voir?

What do we know about the triad of genes, the environment, and autism?
Medscape Pediatrics
(27/07/2017 : 15:52)

ED Discharge with Acute Kidney Injury Linked to Poor Outcomes  Voir?

Patients discharged home from the ED with acute kidney injury may be at risk for poor outcomes, a study found; strategies to improve identification and management of these patients are needed.
Medscape Medical News
(27/07/2017 : 14:56)

Antiperspirant OK During Radiation Therapy  Voir?

Most clinicians advise breast cancer patients who are undergoing radiation therapy to not use an antiperspirant, but a new study finds no scientific evidence to support this advice.
Medscape Medical News
(27/07/2017 : 14:12)

Most Residents Say They Deserve Big Raise, Survey Shows  Voir?

Resident salaries aren't keeping up with inflation, a Medscape survey finds. Meanwhile, a higher percentage of residents report medical school debt topping $200,000.
Medscape Medical News
(27/07/2017 : 12:00)

Pain Assessment and Management in a Women's Psychiatric Unit  Voir?

This paper explores the pain assessment and management experiences of women receiving inpatient psychiatric treatment.
Pain Management Nursing
(27/07/2017 : 18:00)

Benefit of Radiotherapy After Breast Conservation in DCIS  Voir?

Can this molecular assay help determine who will benefit from radiotherapy after breast-conserving therapy for DCIS?
Journal of the National Cancer Institute
(27/07/2017 : 18:00)

Risk Factors for NAFLD in Lean and Obese Patients  Voir?

While NAFLD is associated with obesity, it also develops in lean persons. Do pre-disposing risk factors differ between the two--or are they more similar than previously assumed?
Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics
(27/07/2017 : 18:00)

Predictive Factors for Exacerbations in Asthma  Voir?

Which factors may predict asthma exacerbations?
BMC Pulmonary Medicine
(27/07/2017 : 18:00)

Field Treatment of Actinic Keratosis on the Scalp  Voir?

A novel formulation of ingenol disoxate shows promise for treating actinic keratosis on the balding scalp of men.
The British Journal of Dermatology
(27/07/2017 : 18:00)

Gabapentin and Postoperative Respiratory Depression  Voir?

When included in multimodal analgesic regimens, is gabapentin associated with respiratory depression during post-anesthesia recovery after major laparoscopic procedures?
Anesthesia & Analgesia
(27/07/2017 : 18:00)

Prediabetes Risk Unrecognized by Many PCPs  Voir?

Only 6% of primary care providers surveyed could identify all 11 key risk factors for prediabetes, a survey found.
Medscape Medical News
(26/07/2017 : 23:40)

Noninvasive Ventilation May Not Be Better for Extreme Preemies  Voir?

Among those receiving less invasive breathing support, extreme preemies' oxygen dependence was greater at 36 weeks, and lung function at 8 years old did not improve, a study has found.
Medscape Medical News
(26/07/2017 : 23:14)

Treatment of VTE Varies Widely  Voir?

Treatment of venous thromboembolism varies widely, reflecting the broad heterogeneity among patients, a new study shows, underlining the need for individualized therapy, researchers say.
Medscape Medical News
(26/07/2017 : 22:47)

New Drug Testing Guidelines Released  Voir?

The American Society of Addiction Medicine has published a consensus document that rounds up the best evidence on when, where, and how to use drug testing in clinical practice.
Medscape Medical News
(26/07/2017 : 22:22)

ACA Repeal-Only Bill Fails in Senate  Voir?

For the second time within 24 hours, the Senate rejected a Republican bill to undo the Affordable Care Act.
Medscape Medical News
(26/07/2017 : 22:19)

Genetic Predisposition to Elevated Serum Calcium Linked to CAD, MI  Voir?

A new study shows that genetic predisposition to elevated serum calcium levels is associated with a higher cardiovascular risk and MI.
Medscape Medical News
(26/07/2017 : 22:17)

Patients Getting Hit by Out-of-Network ED Physician Bills  Voir?

Yale researchers attribute the widespread practice to the growth in hospital outsourcing to ED management companies.
Medscape Medical News
(26/07/2017 : 21:39)

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